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Workshop Evaluation Module 3-Month Follow-up. (DOCX)
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Achieving an AIDS-free generation will require the adoption and implementation of critical health policy reforms. However, countries with high HIV burden often have low policy development, advocacy, and monitoring capacity. This lack of capacity may be a significant barrier to achieving the AIDS-free generation goals. This manuscript describes the...
Road Map for Monitoring and Implementing Policy Reforms. (DOCX)
Policy Reforms in the Partnership Frameworks. (XLS)


... To effectively reduce the HIV incidence in newborns, requires an increased HIV testing uptake among pregnant women, a reduction of HIV prevalence amongst pregnant women, a suppressed viral load and a full understanding of the HIV epidemiology among pregnant women. Every good policy needs continued monitoring, comparisons from different implementation sites and sharing of lessons that will lead to refinement [21]. With all the policy changes in HIV care, assumptions are that the epidemiology of HIV would have also been affected, e.g. ...