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This research includes an experimental investigation on the effect of elevated temperature on compressive and tensile strength of concrete with admixture. In this experiment, compressive and tensile strength are measured for normal concrete and concrete with plasticizer admixture (POZZOLITH CRP4) in the temperature range (25-600) °C. Some other pro...


... Therefore, in order to use the same series of results to calculate DIFs at both ambient and high temperatures, the quasi-static compressive cube strengths at 20 and 500°C (Table 3) were used to estimate cylinder values. The cylinder strength of a concrete specimen is approximately 0.8 that of an equivalent cube at 20°C, but 0.5 that at 500°C (Razib and Rahman, 2017). Figure 13 shows the DIF calculated from dynamic disc strengths and quasi-static cylinder specimens at 20 and 500°C for both fresh and carbonated CEM I 20 MPa concrete. ...