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Mastitis imposes considerable and recurring economic losses on the dairy industry worldwide. The main objective of this study was to estimate herd-level costs incurred by expenditures and production losses associated with mastitis on Canadian dairy farms in 2015, based on producer reports. Previously, published mastitis economic frameworks were use...


... Bovine mastitis (BM) is the most prevalent disease that affects dairy cattle. It compromises the health of dairy herds and leads to serious economic losses that can impact the entire production chain (Hogeveen et al., 2011;Aghamohammadi et al., 2018;Heikkilä et al., 2018). The costs are related to the intervention, treatment, and monitoring of infection, and are compounded by a significant reduction in the quality and quantity of the milk produced (Vissio et al., 2015;Aghamohammadi et al., 2018;Heikkilä et al., 2018). ...