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The use of psychodynamic-oriented techniques has successfully been used to manage pain in 75 cancer patients by the use of psychodynamic principles. Pain is a subjective phenomenon that varies much from patient to patient with the same type and stage of cancer. This well-known variance is from a depth-psychological perspective explained by pain bei...


... In CAM it is possible to treat and cure the most severely mentally ill patients like the schizophrenic patients (50,83), which according to the most recent Cochrane meta-analysis not be helped even to improve their mental state with biomedicine (56). Similarly we know from Ulrich Abels' famous analysis in 1992 that chemotherapy is likely to shorten life and destroy quality of life for most types of cancers (78)(79)(80)(81), while it seems that CAM can actually help patients to experience less pain (82), improve quality of life (72,73), survival (72,73,81,(83)(84)(85), and even sometimes get a complete remission of the cancer (87)(88), the same way as we have observe some schizophrenic patients spontaneously recover (89). ...