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The reproductive biology and population dynamics of Pelodytes punctatus were studied at the breeding season over a three year period in a coastal dune system located at the extreme northwestern border of the species' range. Adult population size estimates ranged from about 100 in the first year to 60 in the third year. Males were remarkably sedenta...


... The northern parsley frog (Pelodytes punctatus) is a generalist anuran that shows a preference for open landscapes in Northwestern Europe, such as coastal dune areas or partially forested areas, avoiding dense woodlands (Toxopeus et al. 1993;Boyer and Dohogne 2008), although it depends especially on the existence of water bodies for its reproduction (Richter-Boix et al. 2007). The Aesculapian snake (Zamenis longissimus) prefers sunny forested habitats such as bushlands and deciduous woodlands, although it also uses open spaces for thermoregulation (Levièvre et al. 2010a, b). ...