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This conversation among Bertha Chin, Bethan Jones, Myles McNutt, and Luke Pebler about the Veronica Mars (2004–7) Kickstarter campaign to fund a film assesses the implications of crowd sourcing and fan labor.


... The fans contributing over USD 5.7 million to make the film a reality, almost tripling the original target amount of USD 2 million (Booth 2015). Despite much controversy based on criticism of fan exploitation for funding rich studios, the people behind the campaign needed the money as a symbol of their fandom to convince Warner Bros. that the movie was viable, and hence get them engaged in its production (Chin et al. 2014). Eventually, the film grossed USD 3.5 million internationally and made an additional USD 5.3 million from Blu-ray and DVD sales in the US (The Numbers 2020). ...