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Adolescent English Learners (ELs) possess cultural knowledge and skills that can be leveraged for academic success through relevant classroom literature. Using literature that connects to ELs’ personal lives can benefit their literacy learning as well as the educational experience for native English speakers. Specific age-appropriate and culturally...


... (Ebe, 2012, p. 184) Therefore, in conjunction with the aforementioned definition, in this study we define a text as culturally relevant by factors that travel beyond the ethnic and linguistic group of characters and readers to also include lived experiences, age, and other factors. We concur with other researchers who encourage secondary classrooms to use authentic literature that can foster personal connections between the English learner and the text rather than merely textbooks, canonical literature, or test preparation materials (Honigsfeld, Giouroukakis, & Garfinkel, 2011;Stewart, Araujo, Knezek, & Revelle, 2015). ...