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Annual spawning migrations by Pacific salmon can provide substantial subsidies to nutrient‐limited freshwater and riparian ecosystems, which can affect the abundance, diversity, and physical characteristics of plant and animal species in these habitats. Here, we provide the first investigation of how salmon subsidies affect reproductive output in p...


... Subsidies fluctuate in amount, quality, timing, and duration, eliciting variable effects on ecosystems (Piovia-Scott et al., 2019;Subalusky & Post, 2019). In one study, larger amounts of spawning salmon significantly increased riparian per-shrub berry production in Canadian streams (Siemens et al., 2020), which potentially affects avian and mammalian consumers (Traveset & Willson, 1998). Another study found that changing the seasonal timing of subsidy addition to plants resulted in a shift from bottom-up effects for herbivores to top-down suppression by predators (Gratton & Denno, 2003). ...