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Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software is increasingly being suggested for use in systems development, for reasons including cost, functionality, useability, testedness, availability of support and upgrades. At the same time, standards for use of software in safetyrelated systems are becoming increasingly stringent. This paper examines the issue...


... Boehm [20] argues that rapid changes associated with COTS releases and internet and web-based systems makes it impossible to produce "air-tight" requirements, while [21] suggests that combining COTS and internet connectivity generates the potential for adverse impacts on the security of the system. In addition, both Lindsay & Smith [22] and McDermid [23] point out that COTS components are usually designed for other, more generic purposes and are unlikely to have been subjected to the level of verification and validation required for safety critical systems. This affects a large class of applications given that an increasing number of today's applications may be classified as critical. ...