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Satellite imagery of the earth, and in particular, imagery from the Landsat satellite, is being used by geologists as a tool to obtain regional geologic information quickly, and with minimal cost. Moreover, these images are used as a geologic and cartographic base in areas where more traditional types of data may be lacking or of poor quality. Comp...
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Cornell University, 1976. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 208-214). Microfilm of typescript. s


... Walter also brought oceanographic considerations into project MEDEA, initiated by Vice-President Al Gore in 1990 in an effort to declassify as much military surveillance data as possible for use in civilian efforts to monitor global environmental change. MEDEA was later taken to be an acronym for Measurements of Earth Data for Environmental Analysis, but was a name originally assigned to recognize the close connection to Jason, Medea's husband in Greek mythology (Baker & Zall 2020). ...