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The aim of the study was to investigate element concentrations in the hair of growing and adult dogs. Overall, 39 dogs were recruited in a kennel, split in 4 groups: G1, 10 puppies of small size breeds; G2, 6 puppies of medium size breed; G3, 11 adult dogs of medium size breeds; G4, 12 adult dogs of toy breeds. The dogs of each group were fed 4 dif...


... Cygan-Szczegielniak [14] analysed the appearance of correlations between macro-and micronutrients in the coat, testes, liver, kidneys, and muscles of red deer but found statistically significant correlations only for the coat, which may confirm the fact that the coat is a good matrix for assessing the concentration of elements in the body. Sgorlon et al. [46], when analysing the concentration in the coat of dogs of many elements, found the occurrence of significant correlations between the content of Al and Fe, and in our study, an analogous relationship was established. Regardless of the season, a strong correlation was shown in stable A for the elements Fe-Mn and Al-Fe, and in stable B for Fe-Mn, Fe-Al, and Mn-Al. ...