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Rooftop photovoltaic panels (RPVPs) implementation is one of the effective strategies to mitigate urban heat island and relieve urban energy demand with renewable energy resources, which are in need, especially during extreme heatwave events. However, the effects of RPVPs on cooling the urban thermal environments and saving energy have not been ful...


... The shading conferred and the total thermal radiation that reaches the interior of the facilities depend mainly on the materials that are used in the construction of the roof [4,5]. There are already some studies on the effects of the use of photovoltaic panels positioned on the roof, above the cooling and heating loads of the top floor of urban buildings [6][7][8][9], a considerable reduction in the requirements of cooling loads being verified [8][9][10][11][12]. This reduction is attributed to the lower heat flow from the outside to the inside of the roof [13][14][15][16], which contributed to reduce the internal temperature [8,17]. ...