Lestari Anwar's research while affiliated with Institut Agama Islam Negeri and other places

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This research about Developing Students' Reading Worksheet of tenth grade at SMA Negeri 4 Palopo, the researcher formulated the research question as follow: what kind of Reading Worksheet are suitable for tenth students'. The objective of this research is to create and develop reading worksheets for tenth-grade students' by using the Addie design m...


... The passages that are below and above students' level should be modified to adjust students' reading levels; in addition, besides the use of English textbooks, a teacher can utilize students' worksheets in giving reading materials. Moreover, result findings conducted by Anwar, Furwana, and Iksan (2020) have mentioned that the usage of students' worksheets or known as LKPD, is remarkably beneficial for both teachers and students since it can support teachers in providing reading materials also encompasses many elements of reading, activities, and exercises. ...