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In anti-doping science, the knowledge of drug metabolism is a prerequisite to identify analytical targets for the detection of misused prohibited substances. As the most obvious way to study xenobiotic metabolism, the administration to human volunteers, faces ethical concerns, there is a need for model systems. In the present study, we investigated...


... This study also demonstrated the importance of mass spectrometry. MS is the current technology of choice for detecting and quantifying proteins and metabolites, as it is adaptable to virtually any type of sample, ranging from cells and neurons to subcellular organelles, tissues, and even whole embryos [58][59][60][61][62][63][64]. Mass spectrometers can directly detect intact proteins, peptides, post-translational modifications, and metabolites with high specificity, usually sub-mDa (sub-ppm) mass accuracy, and the capability for both discovery (untargeted) and targeted studies. ...