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The article describes a conceptual model proposing that aggression in psychiatric facilities may be reduced by designing the physical environment with ten evidence-grounded stress-reducing features. The model was tested in a newer hospital in Sweden having wards with nine of the ten features. Data on two clinical markers of aggressive behavior, com...


... Alternatively, and equally as plausibly, service users' experience of hospitalization may contribute to the High and consistent violence − 9.97 p < 0.001*** 6.89 p < 0.001*** 6.38 p < 0.001*** 5.63 p < 0.001*** enactment of violence/aggression. Beyond service user characteristics, a wealth of research has identified a range of environmental factors as contributing the enactment of violence on acute psychiatric wards, including overcrowding (Daffern et al., 2004;Virtanen et al., 2011), poorly designed wards (Ulrich et al., 2018) and staff related influences, such as negative staff morale, staff-staff conflict, negative staff change and pressured staff (Papadopoulous et al., 2012). Indeed, on many occasions the enactment of violence is in itself a reaction to staff intervention (Nawaz et al., 2021). ...