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Ghent and KULeuven. He is chairman of the social-profit organization Domus Mundi. Its mission consists of enabling vulnerable groups to build in an ecological and a sustainable way. He had a master of Architecture in Ghent (B) and a master of Industrial Design in Milan (I). His research interest is focused on cost effective commissioning of low ene...


... 5 Naturally, there are many other instruments which have also been used in this program (e.g. the environmental strategy for the city of Malmö 1998-2002, urban development plans, city district participatory structures, programs related to food, alcohol and smoking, city initiatives dealing with tra c, waste, water and open and green spaces). However, here we focus on the use of public procurement as a driver of sustainability, environmental protection and economic development ( Lember et al., 2007 ;Claes et al., 2012 ). 6 The Local Investment Program was replaced in 2002 by the Climate Investment Program, which is more specifi cally intended to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. ...