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Community norms and values are important factors affecting the support of community-based development efforts. This is particularly the case when the programs are prevention efforts, including drug education programs. The purpose of this article is to describe a way to measure the readiness of a community to support drug prevention education. The r...


... The CRM is a practical tool designed to integrate an assessment of a community's culture, resources, and quantify levels of readiness to guide the complex process of community change (Battaglia et al., 2012;Plested et al., 2006) and to assist in identifying effective practices to ensure a sustainable prevention program (Donnermeyer et al., 1997;Jumper-Thurman et al., 2003;Oetting et al., 2001). It is based on the transtheoretical model of behavior change, assessing an individual's readiness to act on a new (typically healthier) behavior, and it provides appropriate strategies, or processes of change to guide the individual through the stages of change (Stanley, 2014, p. 11). ...