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In Sycamore Creek, Arizona, infected areas appeared as gray rings within a matrix of healthy diatom growth and spread rapidly, eventually covering all benthic substrata and causing algal sloughing. A pathogenic bacterium was the most probable cause of this phenomenon. -from Authors


... Rost et al. [39] found similar trends in Sierra Nevada streams. The stalk of D. geminata is primarily sulphated polysaccharide [40]; therefore, sulphur limitation may inhibit stalk formation as observed in the stalkforming marine diatom Achnanthes longipes C. Agardh [41]. The presence of D. geminata in Norway was associated with a minimum sulphate concentration of 2.5 mg l −1 . ...
... In many instances, the interactions among these microbial groups are simply specific examples of near-universal organismal interactions. For example, the existence of trophic (Bott, 1996;Carpenter, 1897) and pathogenic (Peterson, Dudley, Hoagland, & Johnson, 1993;Stewart, 1988) interactions are well-established. ...