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In the area of Krapinske Toplice, 426 taxa of vascular plants have been registered. 392 plant taxa have been recorded for the first time. 34 taxa were registered earlier, but 20 of them have not been found again.


... Furthermore, Regula-Bevilacqua (1978) recorded a total of 1085 plant species for the Strahinščica area, and the same author returned to floristic research into Zagorje throughout the second half of the 20th century (Regula-Bevilacqua, 1985, 1986, 1991, Regula-Bevilacqua & Šegulja, 2000. Thereafter further floristic researches were conducted in the areas of: Konjščina (Stančić, 1994), Krapinske toplice (Šoštarić & Marković, 1998), Ivančica and Ravna gora (Šincek, 2003) and Ludbreg (Horvat, 2017). Also, research into orchids in Strahinščica and the surrounding area resulted in the finding of the new species Epipactis nordeniorum Robatsch (Borovečki-Voska, 2010). ...