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This paper examines the predicament of the postcolonial nation-state through the prism of environmental catastrophe. When are plant 'invaders' likely to become an urgent political issue? And, when they do, what might they reveal of the shifting relations among citizenship, community, and national sovereignty under neo-liberal conditions? Pursuing t...


... By contrast, other researchers believe objectivity is most important, and have asserted that value-laden terms such as "battle" introduce bias that diminishes trust in science (Lackey 2007;Keulartz and van der Weele 2008). Further, when management decisions associated with non-native species are reported in the popular press, reporters often present counterarguments (Kueffer and Larson 2014) that condemn such decisions, accusing them of being arbitrary and xenophobic (Comaroff and Comaroff 2010;Verbrugge et al. 2016;Sagoff 2017). This reporting outcome is problematic because it creates controversy after management decisions are implemented and erodes support for the scientific process. ...