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Inkjet printing is a non impact printing method that deposits a limited amount of ink onto the paper surface. To improve runnabillity and printability the demands on papers ability to rapidly absorb the fluid and make the colorants stay on the surface increase. These demands get more pronounced as the technology develops and the print speed signifi...


... This is because silica pigments that produces a coating layer with high pore volume and optimal pore size distribution for fast ink penetration are often used for inkjet papers (Lee et al. 2004, Hladnik 2005, Lamminmäki et al. 2013. Inkjet paper coatings that contain substantially higher proportions of binders must absorb water (which constitute more than 90 % of most inkjet inks) as quickly as possible to avoid wicking and maintain sharp edge acuity (Cawthorne et al. 2003, Lundberg et al. 2010. Inkjet paper coatings must also meet highquality standards of brightness, ink holdout, print density and print sharpness. ...