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Satellite-derived spectral indices such as the relativized burn ratio (RBR) allow fire severity maps to be produced in a relatively straightforward manner across multiple fires and broad spatial extents. These indices often have strong relationships with field-based measurements of fire severity, thereby justifying their widespread use in managemen...


... Notwithstanding, ecosystem functioning is largely not considered in most post-fire resilience assessments based on RS data (Frazier et al., 2013). The ability to assess and map the spatially and temporally heterogeneous effects of wildfire disturbances on ecosystem functioning and the responses and resilience of ecosystems to those disturbances makes RS data a major asset for risk assessment and governance, and also for post-fire restoration and management (Keeley, 2009;Parks et al., 2019;Smith et al., 2014;Tedim et al., 2013). ...