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This paper presents a hybrid document recommender system intended for use in digital libraries and institutional repositories that are part of the Slovenian Open Access Infrastructure. The recommender system provides recommendations of similar documents across different digital libraries and institutional repositories with the aim to connect resear...


... In the literature, recommender systems have been explored for different domains. Some examples include their use in e-learning settings (Marques et al. 2021;Amara and Subramanian 2020;Fernández-García et al. 2020;Chrysafiadi et al. 2018), entertainment websites (Kannikaklang et al. 2022;Gupta et al. 2020;Singla et al. 2020;Troussas et al. 2018), social environments (Yang et al. 2020;Wongkhamchan et al. 2019;Mughaid et al. 2019;Liang et al. 2019), digital repositories (Troussas et al. 2021;Borovič et al. 2020;Guan et al. 2019;Jomsri et al., 2018), tourism systems (Baker and Yuan 2021;Srisawatsakul and Boontarig 2020;Chen et al. 2020;Kbaier et al. 2017). The algorithmic techniques that have been primarily used in the research papers, described above, are collaborative filtering, model-based approaches, stereotypes, content-based filtering, machine learning and hybrid approaches. ...