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Flowcytometric immunophenotyping. Flowcytometric analysis and validation of the CD133 cell surface expression on K562 cells engineered to express the CD133 splice variant s1 encoded by an IRES-eGFP expression cassette (CD133:IEG). Cells were stained with PE-conjugated isotype control or anti-CD133 antibodies. (TIF)
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Purpose: Due to their minimal-invasive yet potentially current character circulating tumor cells (CTC) might be useful as a "liquid biopsy" in solid tumors. However, successful application in metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC) has been very limited so far. High plasticity and heterogeneity of CTC morphology challenges currently available enric...


... Since the methods are usually conducted with manual pipetting of the gradient layer, they are imprecise, labor-intensive, operatordependent, and often resulting in incomplete CTC extraction and WBC contamination [4]. To overcome the challenges, OncoQuick ® [22,23], RosetteSep TM [24], RareCyte ® [25], Dynabead [26], and other modified studies based on density have been introduced [22]. While they have a critical advantage with marker-and size-independent isolation, they still showed relatively low purity [27] and recovery rate because of the entrapment of CTCs in the leukocyte-RBC complexes [28] as well as manual or partial automation, which makes them difficult as a routine clinical setting. ...