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The Crab Plover Dromas ardeola is an uncommonly studied wader, renowned for breeding in colonies inside self-excavated burrows on islands around the Arabian Peninsula. This study presents counts and observations on the breeding biology in several colonies on the Bubiyan Islands in Kuwait during 2012–2014. Up to 1,750 burrows of Crab Plovers were fo...


... By now, A. tridactyla has been only reported from intertidal habitats in the Egyptian Red Sea, which also experiences high temperatures in summer (up to ca. 30 °C) 38 40,41 , are both eurytherms with vast geographic distributions 34,58,59 (see the Supplementary Fig. S1). Many migrating birds, which may be the trematodes' ultimate hosts, use the Persian Gulf islands and shoreline for resting, feeding, and/or mating [60][61][62] , and may facilitate trematode invasions originating from the Persian Gulf. Due to the huge amount of shipping to and from this maritime area 63 , ships may also contribute to the co-invasion of trematodes along with their hosts 64 . ...