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In 2005-6 I was surgical senior editor of the SIGN Guidelines. This guideline was superseded by guideline 151. The recorded prevalence of angina varies greatly across UK studies. The Scottish Health Survey (2003) reports the prevalence of angina, determined by the Rose Angin questionnaire to be 5.1% and 6.7% in males aged 55-64 and 65-74 respective...


... 74 77 However, patients with indications for coronary revascularization irrespective of the non-cardiac surgery should be treated appropriately. 11 30 31 The recent SIGN 96 document reviewing the management of stable angina confirms that CABG is not recommended before major or intermediate risk non-cardiac surgery unless cardiac symptoms are unstable and CABG would be justified on the basis of long-term outcome. 11 When indicated (Table 2), PCI, in the form of angioplasty often with stent insertion, appears to be as effective as CABG, with a similar mortality rate. ...