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The purpose of this study was to investigate the characteristics of whole-body movement under pressure. The study participants, who were right-handed male university students (N=16), performed "tomeken ," which is a bilboquet technique, for 300 acquisition trials followed by 15 test trials. In the test, a small audience observed participants who ha...


... Moving on to psychological pressure, "any factor, or combination of factors that increases the importance of performing well on a particular occasion" is defined as pressure (Baumeister, 1984). Over the past few decades, a considerable number of studies have examined the effects of pressure on individual tasks (e.g., Balk, Adriaanse, De Ridder, & Ever, 2013;Beuter & Duda, 1985;Nieuwenhuys, Savelsbergh, & Oudejans, 2012;Renden et al., 2014;Tanaka, Urimoto, Murayama, & Sekiya, 2009), and a few studies have investigated the effects on team sports using qualitative analysis (Hill & Shaw, 2013) or questionnaires (Smith, Bellamy, Collins, & Newell, 2001). Although little attention has been paid to interpersonal coordination under pressure, some researchers referred it in their studies. ...