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A definitive species list is the foundation of biodiversity and conservation work. As we deal with massive climatic changes in the Anthropocene, knowing which species make up our diverse ecosystems will be critically important if we wish to protect and restore them. The Lepidoptera, moths and butterflies, are the fourth-largest insect order in term...


... Crambini account for 40% of the described crambine species and represent the bulk of crambine diversity in temperate areas (e.g. 80% of the Crambinae fauna in Canada) (Pohl et al., 2018). Our analysis, including part of the diversity of the Crambini (25 of the 61 described genera), recovered the Holarctic genera Platytes, Agriphila and Catoptria as the earliest diverging lineages of Crambini, suggesting that diversification of the tribe took place there. ...