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Background/objectives: It has been unknown if attenuated insulin sensitivity (Si) in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a cause or a result. We examined the impact of attenuated Si on NAFLD evolution. Subjects/methods: We observed 4856 NAFLD- and diabetes-free participants for a mean 2.9 years. Si was indexed by single point insulin se...


... Among these, the SPISE was developed as an easy and affordable tool for the evaluation of whole-body insulin sensitivity, which is comparable to clamp-derived M-value in sensitivity as well as specificity (19). Several studies have evaluated the SPISE in adult as well as juvenile populations (20,(41)(42)(43)(44)(45)(46). Correa-Burrows et al. assessed SPISE for its validity in diagnosing cardiometabolic risks, namely IR and metabolic syndrome, in post-pubertal Hispanic adolescents. ...