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The studies of biodiversity have now assumed greater significance as ecologists try desperately to document global biodiversity in the face of unprecedented perturbations, habitat loss and extinction rates. With advances in science and technology, we are on the verge of understanding the natural world while at the same time in real danger of destro...


... and γ-sitosterol (4.13%) 33 . 10,11,21 L. compactiflora 22 L. guineensis 23 L. indica 24,25 L. macrophylla 25 L. rubra 23 L. asiatica: About 24 compounds have been identified during the phytochemical analysis of L. asiatica, including a phenolic glucoside, seven triterpenoids, eight flavonoids, two phenolic glycosides, four diglycosidic compounds, and two miscellaneous compounds 35 . ...