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Lexical and conceptual representation in bilingual memory for both novice and expert bilinguals was examined in a series of three experiments. In Experiment 1a, monolingual English speakers learned a set of Spanish–English translations and were then tested using a translation recognition task. Response times to orthographically related foils were l...


... Fourth, the RHM also underestimates the lexicalsemantic links in L2 by overestimating the lexical mediation between L2 and L1. Nevertheless, this assumption has been questioned in the literature with multiple lexical-semantic tasks, i.e., backward (L2 to L1) and forward (L1 to L2) translation tasks (e.g., Duyck & Brysbaert, 2004), translation judgment tasks (e.g., Altarriba & Mathis, 1997;Sunderman & Kroll, 2006;Poarch, Van Hell & Kroll, 2015; but see. Talamas, Kroll & Dufour, 1999 for contradictory results), and semantic categorization tasks (e.g., Dufour & Kroll, 1995). ...