Katerina Maslikova's research while affiliated with Dnepropetrovsk State Agrarian University and other places

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The ecological niche of Vallonia pulchella (Muller, 1774) was investigated by means of the general factor analysis of GNESFA. It was revealed that the ecological niche of a micromollusk is determined by both edaphic factors and ecological features of vegetation. Ecological niche optima may be presented by integral variables such as marginality and...


... At each measurement point, the soil mechanical resistance was performed in only one replication. To measure the electrical conductivity of soil in situ, the HI 76305 sensor (Hanna Instruments, Woodsocket, RI, USA), working in conjunction with the portable instrument HI 993310 was used (Yorkina et al., 2018;Kunakh et al., 2020). Soil moisture was measured under field conditions using a dielectric digital moisture meter MG-44 (vlagomer.com.ua). ...