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Girls and Women shines a light on the current landscape for girls and women in sport reflected in the latest data from nearly 500 research reports and results from a new national survey of more than 2,300 women working in women's sport. Taking stock of where we are in achieving gender equity in sport requires study, transparency and candor. This gr...


... Oftentimes, coaches may tend to favor and are more comfortable working with a specific personality regardless of coping skill set or, due to the limited number of high school athletes competing in field events when compared to the extensive number of Division I programs, attracting a specific type of athletic mindset may simply come down to challenges in recruiting. Lastly, the stage at which females matriculate into this sport due to school funding, lack of access, limited role models, or social stigma challenges experienced prior to college (Staurowsky et al., 2020), may influence the maturation of optimal coping skill response, which was beyond the scope of this study but warrants further attention. ...