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METHODOLOGIES OF DIGITAL HUMANITIES IN PHILOSOPHY. AN INTRODUCTION The aim of the book is to present the key aspects of research methods in philosophy. Therefore, it is intended primarily for students of philosophy and doctoral students. The authors’ intention is to offer an introduction to independent philosophical work adopting the resources offe...
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In this paper we discuss the idea of theology of science, which is understood as a new branch of the- ology concerned with the problems arising in the context of natural sciences. Theology of science has been developed since 1980s. The authors of this concept are Michał Heller and Józef Życiński – philosophers involved in discussions between scienc...


... The latter assumes-with regard to the method of sciencethat science explains the world by evoking it (Peters 2017). The theology of science as a theological subdiscipline that we refer to was proposed by Michał Heller (1996) and should be concerned with the very existence of science, the conditions of scientific knowledge, and science as a value (Oleksowicz 2019(Oleksowicz , 2020Polak and Rodzeń 2022;Trombik and Polak 2022). As a consequence and as we have said above, the relationship between humans and the world has become mediated by scientific knowledge, with the subject and the scientific communities playing a decisive role, although exposed to doubt and uncertainty. ...