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Mathematical connection ability has important role in the success of students' mathematics course. In fact, the mathematical connection ability of senior high school students is not quite good, thus a learning models is needed to improve mathematical connection ability. The purposes of the research are; (1) find out if 7e Learning Cycle Model could...


... Mathematics learning research in Indonesia and some countries is still focused on mathematical skills as proposed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) (2000a). These skills consist of five process skills that students must master through mathematics learning, namely (i) problem solving (Mushlihuddin & Nurafifah, 2018;Maslukha et al., 2018;Fuchs et al., 2004); (ii) reasoning and proof (Lestari, 2019;Kramarski & Mevarech, 2003); (iii) connections (Nabilah, 2019;Fauzi, 2015); (iv) communication (Fauzi & Priatna, 2019;Brendefur & Frykholm, 2000;Buchholz, 2005) and (v) representation (Effendi, 2012). This research will discuss the development of creative thinking skills as one aspect of the 21 st century skills. ...