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Building information modelling (BIM) software is increasingly being used in as a visual road design tool and offers real-time information on material demands as designs change. Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a tool that is used to measure the lifetime environmental impacts of systems, materials and processes. LCA data sets are organized according t...


... Kaewunruen et al. [26] enriched the information model of a bridge project with the embodied carbon footprint of the life cycle of different elements based on their constituent material identifiers, obtaining a metric of the environmental impacts of each model component that was later manually transferred from the BIM environment to the LCA tool. Lastly, Slobodchikov at al. [27] developed an Autodesk Civil3D application that focuses on the calculation of a specific impact category indicator, namely, the global warming potential (GWP), of a road asphalt pavement structure based on the material volumes of each layer and the construction operation scheduling gathered from the information model, also returning a visual representation in a color scale of the GWP of each element of the road pavement. ...