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The functional lifetime for biliary endoprostheses has typically been 7 months. When combined with sphincterotomy for common bile duct stones, it affords an alternative to surgery in high risk patients. Biliary endoprostheses often require replacement in these patients, though recent reports suggest they are functioning longer. We present an 85-yea...


... The most serious drawback of a longterm indwelling biliary endoprosthesis is the risk of recurrent cholangitis, which is reported in 3.5% to 40% of patients. The median time to onset of cholangitis appears to be approximately 16 wk and occurs mainly in patients with an in situ gallbladder or in cases of prosthesis insertion without sphincterotomy [9][10][11][12] . Several previous studies have suggested that permanent biliary stenting may be a definitive therapy for endoscopically unextractable common duct stones in selected elderly patients who are poor surgical candidates. ...