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The article researches the trends of international capital movement in general and in the leading economies in the current decade. Besides advanced economies, the article considers BRICS, CIS and EEU states as well as offshores. It is argued that while the capital flows (likewise international trade, labor migration and knowledge exchange) are form...
In this article the author publishes the results of his survey of Russian investors’ offshore activity made in the form of an interview of businessmen and consultants from offshore business. The analysis of the collected data is carried out.
In this article the author makes a brief quantitative and feature analysis of the role of offshores in the world economy. He gives the definition for offshores and considers the possibility to estimate the real scale of offshore activity. The author also points out the positive and negative consequences of use of offshores by economic agents.


... At that, foreign direct investment (FDI) is usually defined as ownership of assets of one country (or several countries) on behalf of residents of a different country with the aim of controlling the use of such assets. Acquiring a share of charter capital of 10% or more is considered a direct investment [1]. ...