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Patterns in the use of raw material, techno-economical behavior, and provisioning play an important role in Paleolithic research, especially in the period of late Neandertals and the arrival of early modern humans in Central Europe between 50 and 30 ka BP. The Project B01 “Variability of the Use of Resources. Spatial Exploitation by Late Neandertha...
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One of the case studies of a small workgroup in the CRC 1070 ResourceCultures at the University of Tuebingen is located in the Swabian Jura. The main site is the cave site Vogelherd north to Heidenheim with an occupation from the Middle Paleolithic to the Neolithic. The old excavation took place in 1931 by Gustav Riek. But the back dirt excavation...


... Since the 1860s generations of archaeologists have conducted Paleolithic research in the Swabian Jura with the majority of excavations focusing on the caves of the Ach and Lone valleys (Fraas 1867;Schmidt 1910Schmidt , 1912Riek 1934;Müller-Beck 1983;Wagner 1983;Hahn 1988;Conard et al. 2015) (Fig. 1). These sites have provided important archaeological sequences that span the Middle and Upper Paleolithic (MP; UP). ...