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The aim of this paper is to analyse the effects of decentralization on the political careers of regional elites. We observe on the trajectories of the heads of governments of the regions of Spain, France and United Kingdom, focusing on their political careers through multilevel arenas. We ask what are the main career patterns (national or local) an...


... The particular roles and responsibilities of the Attorney-General portfolio in Australia are such that they have greater scope to influence ministerial selection and survival than other cabinet positions. Inclusion of Attorneys-General at the sub-national level allows for a higher level of robustness of results (Jäckle, 2013), but also indicate whether the features of a portfolio have to bear across multilevel jurisdictions, which have their own political climates (Stolz, 2003;Rodriguez-Teruel, Botella, Barberà, & Barrio, 2011). ...