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Inventario de humedales naturales y artificiales de importancia para la aves presentes en las Islas Canarias


... Records of Phoenix species, their distribution, ecology, vegetation and conservation status were taken for Crete (Greece) from Barclay (1974), Gradstein and Smittenberg (1977), Turland et al. (1993), Greuter (1995), Fournaraki and Delipetrou (2003a, b), Boteva et al. (2004), Fielding and Turland (2005), Bergmeier and Abrahamczyk (2008), Dimopoulos and Bergmeier (2008), Thymakis (2009), Fassoulas (2013, NHMC (Natural History Museum of Crete) (2015), and Strid (2016), for the Bordighera-Sanremo area (Italy) from Carassale and Dore (2013), for the Canary Islands from Santos (1983), Rivas-Martínez et al. (1993a, b), Del , Del Arco et al. ( , 2009Arco et al. ( , 2010, Naranjo et al. (2009), Salinas and Cueto (2009), Sosa et al. (2007), Saro et al. (2015), and Carqué et al. (2015), for SE Iberia (Spain) from Alcaraz et al. (1989), Peinado et al. (1992), Salinas and Cueto (2009), Dana et al. (2009), Costa et al. (2011), Carreño (2012, and Ruiz (2015). ...