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In this chapter we enter the fascinating and challenging world of master mariners. Through their narratives we set out to examine what this space is like and how its exploration can shed light on what practice wisdom means and how it is realised in the varied lifeworlds of master mariners. We present the following key arguments:  Being a master m...


... Rather, from a neurophenomenological perspective, phenomena are experienced as also emerging through a living being's interaction with the world and with others, in what Loftus (See chapter on Goethe this volume) describes as unfolding and dynamic real-world processes. Nonetheless, most professional education confines its pedagogy to techno-rationalist means (Roberts and Higgs, 2019). Loftus (2015 p. 143), in describing this techno-rationalist pedagogy, applied Gendlin's (1997) term "logical order". ...