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Goat feed inventory and feed balance studies were conducted in Hamer and Bena-Tsemay Woredas with the aim of assessing the current status of major goat feed resources, dry matter availability and goat feed balance. Five kebeles from Bena-Tsemay and three kebeles from Hamer were selected. In each Woreda, between eight and twelve herders were selecte...


... Ethiopia has an approximately 38.94 million goat's population [1] which have been contributing the vigorous role over providing foods (milk and meat) and immediate cash incomes for smallholder rural communities [2]. Despite of vigorous role to rural communities, the outputs from goat production system in Bena-Tsemay district is generally quite poor due to the deficits in quantity and poor quality of goat feeds [3,4]. In this district, the goat production systems are seldom allowed to express their genetic potentials due to poor feeding and husbandry practices. ...