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In a number of articles published since 1972, Dorothy Grover has developed the prosentential theory of truth. Brought together and published with a new introduction, these essays do not address traditional truth issues like belief, meaning and justification. Instead, they focus on the grammatical role of the truth predicate and assert that "it is t...


... We leave aside here challenges stemming from alleged connections between the concepts of truth and meaning. For deflationary responses to these challenges see Armour-Garb and Woodbridge (forthcoming),Brandom (1994),Field (1994), Horwich (1998b), andWilliams (1999). 2 What follows is our take on deflationism, but to see how deflationary theories amount to accounts of truth-talk, see Armour-Garb and Woodbridge (forthcoming),Brandom (1988Brandom ( , 1994,Devitt (2002),Field (1994),Grover et al. (1975),Leeds (1978) andQuine (1970Quine ( /1986. We recognize that other theorists have different views about what constitutes deflationism. ...