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Certain local atmospheric anomalies, such as the formation of unusually large ice conglomerations (megacryometeors), have been proposed to be a potential natural hazard for people and aviation, as well as geoindicators for fingerprinting larger-scale atmospheric environmental changes. On March 13th 2007, at approximately 10:15 am, an ice chunk weig...


... It is highly like that ejected water, rock and soil may become comets or orbit the solar system as frozen rivers, lakes and ice-meteors (Beech, 2006;Martinez-Frias et al. 2006;Orellana et al.2008;Snyder & Joseph, 2015). Some of this ejected mass and frozen water would eventually fall back to the planet from which they were ejected (Beech, 2006;Martinez-Frias et al. 2006;Orellana et al. 2008). Others might intersect the orbits of other worlds. ...