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The rear wall of the header box serves as a tubesheet in heat exchangers of double plate header box. Tube-to-tubesheet welding must be performed using orbital Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) with a head extension, which is passed through the corresponding hole in the front wall (plugsheet) of the header box, where the welding machine is supported....


... As a result, this tube and tubesheet joint is disqualified because the strength of the tube-to-tubesheet joint for the hybrid welding and 6% expansion case is less than the axial tube strength. The defective welds and inappropriate weld parameters are known to significantly degrade the strength of the joints [31,32]. Partial penetration tube-to-tubesheet welds as a result of inadequate arc heat input and bad welding parameters are found to reduce the load-bearing capacity of joints considerably [33]. ...