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Academic libraries have always supported research across disciplines by integrating access to diverse contents and resources. They now have the opportunity to reinvent their role in facilitating interdisciplinary work by offering researchers new ways of sharing, curating, discovering, and linking research data. Spatial data and metadata support thi...


... In the last few decades, demand and production of spatial data such as maps, images, and other geographically referenced data have been increasing continuously among different government and private agencies (Klinkenberg 2003). For efficacious discovery and access of spatial data, it is necessary to develop metadata documentation (Brovelli et al. 2019;Lafia et al. 2016;Wohner et al. 2019) which will also promote the sharing of spatial data between organizations (Greenberg 2005;Ma 2006;Foresman 2008). Metadata refers to "data about data" (Vaduva and Dittrich 2001) and the metadata related to spatial data contains information like projection, scale, resolution, reliability, data provider, and distribution policy (Leyk et al. 2019). ...