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Participatory research methods connect researchers with relevant communities to achieve shared goals. These methods can deliver results that are relevant to people’s lives and thus likely to have a positive impact. In the context of a large and growing body of autism research, with continued poor implementation, and some evidence of community dissa...


... When reflecting on well-being, autistic people have typically been excluded from contributing to research (Lam et al., 2020;. As a result, their experiences and opinions do not contribute to knowledge production (Bölte & Richman, 2019;Fletcher-Watson et al., 2019). Considering quality of life, reports included in research often come from caregivers and professionals (Billstedt et al., Gerber et al., 2011), though these reports have been cricisised as not mirroring autistic people's views and experiences (Sheldrick et al., 2012;Shipman et al., 2011). ...
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