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Indiana English learners (ELs) are low-performers on the annual standardized test and they constitute a rapidly growing segment of the school-aged population. Authors of this exploratory study implement descriptive statistics to compare demographic and accountability data of schools serving large EL populations to those of schools serving smaller E...


... There is also a growing achievement gap between ELLs and students who speak English as their first language (Calderon, Slavin, and Sanchez, 2011). ELLs nationwide, and also specifically in Indiana (Morita-Mullaney, 2014), are underachieving their classmates and not meeting state testing goals for academic achievement and improvement (Calderon et al., 2011;NAEP, 2011;Tanenbaum et al., 2012). This achievement gap tends to widen as students progress into secondary grade levels (USDOE, 2013), leading to higher dropout rates among language minority students (Rubinstein-Avila & Lee, 2014). ...