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Improved understanding of the connection between riparian vegetation and channel change requires evaluating how fine-scale interactions among stems, water, and sediment affect larger scale flow and sediment transport fields. We propose a spatially explicit model that resolves patch-scale (submeter) patterns of hydraulic roughness over the reach sca...


... Vegetation plays a critical role in the structure and function of riparian systems as well as the broader rangeland water cycle (Wilcox et al. 2017). Above ground, plants provide surface roughness to redistribute flow patterns and facilitate deposition and soil building (Manners et al. 2013). Many riparian plants have adaptations to withstand stream or overland flows, such as cordlike rhizomes, fibrous root masses, coarse The National Wetland Plant List (Lichvar et al. 2012(Lichvar et al. , 2016USACE 2018) characterizes plant species by the frequency in which they are found in wetlands leaves, and strong flexible crowns (Winward 2000). ...